Since 2003, Diversified Real Estate Capital, LLC has been a national leader in providing equity capital and expertise to top tier commercial real estate organizations. Funding is provided by ultra high-net-worth individuals and family office investors seeking to diversify their assets and earn the significant returns associated with high-quality real estate investments. The Company maintains in-depth relationships with both its investors and joint venture partners, believing that these relationships are a key competitive advantage in the volatile investment environment. Our highly experienced professionals identify prime opportunities and act quickly to creatively structure transactions.

The Company offers its partners real estate expertise in management, renovation, development, financing, leasing and strategic re-positioning to help them realize the highest long-term value on their investments. Diversified typically seeks to exit a property through sale to institutional buyers. On occasion, the Company does own and manage properties over a longer period when this is the appropriate and deserved investment strategy.

Diversified Real Estate Capital has participated in excess of $4 billion in commercial real estate transactions providing in excess of $1 Billion of equity capital. The Company looks to acquire or develop institutional quality assets focused on office, retail, multi-family, industrial, residential and mixed-use properties in urban areas of major US markets. The Company has a particular interest in Central Business District (CBD) opportunities. Diversified Real Estate Capital offers its real estate partners a competitive advantage by providing flexible equity capital in a streamlined process to rapidly take advantage of unique opportunities.

Investments typically range from $50 million to $150 million in equity and can be structured as common equity, preferred equity or mezzanine financing, depending upon the requirements of the transaction. Capital structures can include debt in the 50% to 65% loan to cost range. Return requirements are commensurate with risk.